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This item is a CUSTOM item, which means it is made to order. All of our custom items ship in approximately four weeks.

Commanding sterling silver cuff style bracelet with a Native American Tribal Design with an area of customizable inlay. It is customizable in all gemstones options that we have available. As more options are purchased, we will update the pictures to show more options.

Small: Approximate wrist size is 6-3/4"
Medium: Approximate wrist size 7-1/2"
Large: Approximate wrist size is 8"

The options available for stone choices are as follows...

Red Coral
Lapis Lazuli
Mother of Pearl
Wild Horse Magnesite
Camouflage (Wild Horse Magnesite and Malachite)
Mixed Stones (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Red Coral, Malachite)

White Opal
Blue Opal
Red Opal
Pink Opal
Galaxy Opal (All Opal colors mixed together)
Orange Opal
Yellow Opal
Lavender Opal
Green Opal

Please keep in mind all stones are crushed/recycled stones left over from creating Cabochons