925 Silver Navajo Chief pendant in full customizable headdress


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This listing is for a 925 Sterling Silver Native American inspired pendant with a Navajo Chief in a full feather headdress. The feathered headdress can be inlaid with gemstones of your choice in two different designs. 

(Every other Feather) With this first design option we inlay every other feather with two different gemstones of your choice as seen in the pictures.

(Staggered Design) With this design we stagger three gemstones of your choice into each feather giving the feathers a more natural look and more character as seen in the pictures. 

Small Size: This pendant measures approximately 1-3/8's" inches tall including the bail by 3/4's" of an inch wide.

Large Size: This pendant measures approximately 1-5/8's" inches tall including the bail by 7/8's" of an inch wide.