Buffalo Nickel Pendant


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925 sterling silver detailed Buffalo Nickel style pendant available in a small and large size. This small version of the pendant measures approximately 3/4 inch wide by 1-1/8 inch tall including bail. The large version of the pendant measures approximately 1-7/16 inch wide by 1-3/4 inch tall. The smaller pendant is stamped with "United States of America" on the top and "Five Cents" on the bottom. The larger pendant has no stamping. This pendant is pictured with the no inlay/all silver option and is only available in the no inlay/all silver inlay option.

James Earle Fraser grew up in the prairies of Minnesota and witnessed first-hand the treatment and suffering of the Native American peoples as well as the bison. When referring to the use of the buffalo design, Fraser was quoted as saying “my first objective was to produce a coin which was truly American, and that could not be confused with the currency of any other country. I made sure, therefore, to use none of the attributes that other nations had used in the past. And, in my search for symbols, I found no motif within the boundaries of the United States so distinctive as the American buffalo.”

Item: P580