I'itoi Man in the Maze Pendant


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925 sterling silver Man in Maze which also known as "I'itoi" pendant. The pictures show this pendant inlaid with turquoise as well as left in all silver. This pendant can be left in all silver or can be inlaid with any of our gemstone or resin options.

Three Sizes Available: Small, Medium, and Large: Small measures 5/8 inch tall including bail by 3/8 inch wide. Medium measures 7/8 inch tall including bail by 5/8 inch wide. Large measures 1-3/16's inches tall including bail by 7/8 inch wide.

The story of I'itoi is also the story of every human being, traveling through life as though through a maze, taking many turns while growing stronger and wiser as death, at the center of the maze, comes closer. Trace the light path. You will find one more turn at the end, away from the center. Here we can look back on the trail and have one last chance for reflection and an opportunity to find acceptance of the last step. This symbol is said to represent a person's journey through life. Although the design appears to be a maze, it is actually a unicursal figure with many twists and turns; these are said to represent choices made in life. The center is dark, as the journey is one from darkness to light.


Small Item: PER620 
Medium Item: PER611
Large Item: P611