Tree Frog Variscite Ring • Navajo Style • 925 Sterling Silver • Size 12


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925 Sterling Silver ring  Ring Size: 12 US  One of a kind Navajo made ring with a piece of high quality Tree Frog Variscite. You can get lost staring into this stone, its like staring deep into an entire galaxy. This stone has great character.  Ring Measurements: approximately 3/4's of an inch tall by 1/2 of an inch wide. Ring Weight: 14.4 grams Tree frog Veriscite comes from the Tree Frog Mine in Nevada. This mine is owned and operated by David Otteson. Variscite is becoming one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones on today's market.  You will see it being used in all styles of jewelry by all ethnicity of jewelers. Its appearance often causes it to be confused with Turquoise, but Variscite's color tends to be greener rather than blue. In some cases, materials may be marketed as 'variquoise', a name which combines 'turquoise' with 'variscite'. It is a relatively rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral, and gem-quality deposits and occurrences are considerably rare; only the highest quality material is used for gemstones and ornate carvings. Variscite takes an excellent polish, often better than that of turquoise. It is most famous for its different shades of green caused by traces of chromium, although its colors can range from light bluish green to medium and dark green and, very occasionally, red.