White Buffalo Ring • Navajo Style • 925 Sterling Silver • Size 12


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925 Sterling Silver ring Ring Size: 12 US One of a kind Navajo Made ring with a piece of high quality White Buffalo Calcite. Ring Measurements: approximately 3/4's of an inch tall by 1/2 of an inch wide. Ring Weight: 13.7 grams WHITE BUFFALO (called “albino turquoise” by some and erroneously “white turquoise” by others) is only found in one location in the world. Tonopah Nevada. The mine is owned by the Otteson family who have been mining high quality turquoise in Nevada and Colorado for over 60 years. The trade name “White Buffalo” is used to identify the stone. The white stone is surrounded by black and brown flint-like chert (an opaque variety of quartz) which creates beautiful patterns, and sometimes in rare pieces, a spider-web matrix. The stone appears in veins, is as hard as turquoise and cuts and polishes like turquoise. In the Native American jewelry business, this stone is generally referred to as “White Buffalo”. Although often called “White Turquoise”, White Buffalo is not Turquoise at all. In fact, it is a long way from it. The main mineral is Calcite. But depending on the crystalline structure of the Calcite, it morphs into minerals called Dolomite or Aragonite.