Why Us


Why Choose Mainland Silver?

Mainland Silver offers a wide variety of top quality Southwestern style jewelry. Family owned and operated by the talented brother-sister team who have grown up in the industry. Mainland Silver offers the finest jewelry, handcrafted using the best materials and natural gemstones.  

When you purchase Southwestern style jewelry for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you want to know that you are getting original work made from the best quality of materials. At Mainland Silver, we hold a great respect for the people whose culture and artistry has inspired our pieces and see it through by ensuring the best materials to make them authentic and long lasting. We create all of our jewelry in the spirit and design of those who originally called the Americas home centuries ago.  


Arrow/Arrowhead: Used as a weapon for centuries, the arrow symbolizes protection and warding off of evil and enemies. Arrowheads represent alertness and direction.

Bear/Bear Claw: Bears are sacred animals in Southwestern culture, symbolizing power, and spiritual strength. Bear claw imagery connects humans to bears and is used as a symbol of leadership.

Buffalo: The buffalo sustained Southwesterns for centuries providing food and other materials. Buffalo images show a level of humility and are used as a reminder for humans to take only what they need.

Butterfly: In some beliefs, butterflies have been seen as messengers from the spirit world. People today use the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and peace.

Dragonfly: The flying insect represents freedom and forward-thinking. The dragonfly has often been used for strength when rebuilding after suffering some sort of hardship.

Eagle: Eagles are strong, powerful birds that represent victory and personal triumph. They symbolize the drive within us to strive to be our best and to win.

Feathers: Feathers are universally symbolic of wisdom, honor, trust, and freedom, and continue to be well-represented in Southwestern fashion and accessories.

Hummingbird: Mainland Silver devotes a line of jewelry to the imagery of these magnificent creatures. Hummingbirds symbolize playfulness and the ability to think on one’s feet.