4 piece Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring


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1/2" Wide Across the Top Weight is Approximately 4.9 Grams Marked 925Puzzle Ring. The History of Puzzle Rings There is very little actually known about the history of puzzle rings, though there are various beliefs concerning where it originated from. There are theories that the Egyptians were the first to create the puzzle ring, while others believe that the rings were created in China two thousand years ago. Another popular belief is that the puzzle rings originated in Arabia, and were New as wedding bands by Sheiks and chieftains. These stories state that the puzzle rings were to ensure fidelity in wives, and that the husbands would not tell their wives the solutions to the puzzle ring. It was believed that if the woman decided to be unfaithful, she would remove the puzzle ring and it would simply fall apart in her hands. If the groom found and put the ring back together, he would learn that his wife was cheating on him. Another theory concerning the history of puzzle rings is that the ring is a gift given to the groom by the father of the bride, and trying to solve the puzzle is supposed to soothe the groom’s nerves by keeping him busy.\nIn European countries, these rings are New as wedding rings are also known as “Gimmal Rings”, which is from the Latin word for “twins.” In sixteen hundred, a pair of clasped hands were added to the design of puzzle rings, not only for the sake of making the ring look more appealing, but for religious people. A heart was also added between the clasped hands, creating the “Claddagh” ring. Yet another theory states that the rings were originally created during the Renaissance, and people New them as a memory aid. Others claim that the rings were created by the Turks so that the American military would buy them and send them back home to loved ones.\nThe history of this particular piece of jewelry is as complex as the ring’s design, and shrouded in myth, legend and theory. The fact that no one is completely certain about what country they originated from serves to make them all the more appealing. Even though it can be interesting to discern the history of a certain design, it can be rather difficult since the design of the ring is shrouded in secrecy. It is an interesting and elegant design that can be created in gold, silver or platinum and may or may not be adorned with diamonds or other precious gemstones. Though the basic design of the ring may vary from jeweler to jeweler, the elements of the design remain essentially unchanged.\n