925 Sterling Silver End of Trail Ring • James Fraser Design • Arrow Ring Band


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925 Sterling silver size 13 ring with a James Fraser end Of trail horse scene design engraved in the band and going all the way around the ring. The top of the ring measures approximately 5/16" of an inch wide. This ring is available in various Sizes - please select what size is needed when purchasing. Based on The End of the Trail sculpture located in Waupun, Wisconsin, done by James Fraser which depicts an exhausted and Sleepy Indian and his Horse. This lone figure on his weary horse is one of the most recognized symbols of the American West. By many it is viewed as a reverent memorial to a great and valiant people. The End of the Trail is a sculpture located in Waupun, Wisconsin, United States. It depicts an American Indian man hanging limp as his horse comes to an abrupt halt just prior to momentum carrying him over an unseen precipice.