925 Sterling Silver infinity bangle bracelet


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This bracelet measures approximately 7.5"      At first glance the
infinity symbol looks like a fallen over number eight but this ancient
symbol holds a deep and spiritual meaning. What makes the infinity
symbol so unique is its multifaceted meaning and symbolism. To some the
infinity can symbolize its more modern interpretation of eternity and
everlasting love. To others their connection to the infinity draws from
its ancient understanding as the symbol of perfection, duality and
empowerment.The Mathematical InfinityThis infinity
symbol we recognize today was introduced by 17th century English
mathematician John Wallis. This simple infinity image, which looks like a
sideways number eight, was originally referred to as the Lemniscate,
meaning "ribbon” by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers.
Wallis reintroduced this symbol to represent the mathematical concept of
infinity, a quantity that's bigger than any number. The word infinity
comes from infinitas, which in Latin means boundlessness.Infinity in Different CulturesThe
infinity symbol is not a new symbol and throughout the ages and various
cultures the infinity symbol was used to represent different concepts
and ideas. In ancient India and Tibet, the infinity symbol represented
perfection, dualism, and equality between male and female. In the occult
tarot the infinity symbol is found on the Magician card and represents
equilibrium or the balance of surrounding forces. The infinity symbol
appears often in a variety of mystical Celtic knot designs. Celtic
knots, similar to the infinity symbol, have no end or beginning.The Popularity of the InfinityInfinity
jewelry encompasses the idea of forever. The infinity symbol can be
drawn in one continuous movement and has neither a beginning or an end.
It holds with it the ideas of no limitations and infinite possibilities.
While the concept of infinity or truly forever cannot truly be grasped,
it represents the desire for something to be everlasting. It is no
wonder that many couples choose to feature the infinity symbol as a
tattoo or wear it as an accessory as a symbol of their love. This
association with love and friendship makes infinity jewelry the perfect
gift to bestow to a significant other or best friend.The
Infinity Symbol is the perfect design and addition for rings, necklaces,
earrings and bracelets. oNecklace has an entire collection of infinity
jewelry available for you to personalize with your unique touch! Now
that you know the deeper meaning behind the infinity symbol, you will be
sure to find the perfect accessory to mark a unique friendship or love.