Bear Cuff Bracelet • 925 Sterling Silver • Navajo Handcrafted • Native American Jewelry


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This is a Navajo handmade piece of jewelry, and it is crafted in Colorado, USA. 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet. Engraved Native American Bear and bear cub bracelet. Wrist Size: Small: Wrist size 6 1/2" - 5-1/4 inches from end to end with a 1-1/4 inch gap. Bracelet width: 5/16" of an inch wide. Weight: 20.6 grams    Bear, Spirit Animal, Animal, Track, Navajo, America, American, Mainland Silver, Claw, Paw, Native, Indian, 925, Sterling, Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, Native American, Indian, Navajo Nation, Gemstone, Turquoise