Duck Pendant, 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Navajo Pendant, Handmade Jewelry, Opal Pendant, Mallard Duck, Pet Duck


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925 sterling silver pendant with a detailed duck head inlaid with turquoise. This pendant measures approximately 5/8 inches tall by 5/8 inches wide. Native American, Sterling Silver, Turquoise Pendant, Indian Jewelry, Navajo Necklace, Handmade Navajo, Turquoise Necklace, Navajo 925 Pendant, Navajo Turquoise, Navajo Sterling, Native Jewelry, Sterling Necklace, Turquoise Jewelry, Navajo Jewelry, American Indian, Contemporary, Us Handmade, Southwester, Navajo Stone Pendant, Opal Inlay Pendant, Navajo Inlay Pendant, Fire Opal Pendant, Gift For Her, Pendant Necklace, Native Pendant, Handmade Jewelry, Gift For Him, Authentic, American native jewelry, Native American necklaces, Gifts For Her, Native American Gift, Native American Art, Native American Pendant, Indigenous, Duckling Pendant, Duckling Necklace, New Mom Necklace, Baby Duck Necklace, Silver Duck Pendant, Silver Duckling, Animal Bird Gift, Sterling Silver Duck, Cute Duck Charm, Mama Duck Necklace, Silver Duck Necklace, Silver Duck Charm, Playful Cute Charm, Duck Hunting Gifts, Duck Necklace Men, Duck Hunter Necklace, Hunting Jewelry Men, Duck Season Gifts, Duck Gifts, Bird Hunting Gift, Gift For Duck Hunter, Duck Jewelry Men, Waterproof Necklace, Wood Duck Jewelry, Bird Hunter Gifts, Silver Bird Necklace, Bird Jewelry, Silver Bird Pendant, Birds Pendant, Flying Bird Necklace, Animal Necklace, Minimalist Necklace, Bird Charm Necklace, Animal Jewelry, Spirit Animal Charm, Animal Necklace, Animal Spirit Duck, Animal Spirit Guide, Paths Of The Spirit, Ducks Necklace, Totem Necklace, Spirit Animal, Spirit Animal Gift, My Spirit Animal, Power Animal Pendant,