Family Tree Cuff Bracelet • 925 Sterling Silver • Native American Handcrafted Jewelry • Family Tree Design


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This is a Navajo handmade piece of jewelry, and it is crafted in Colorado, USA. Sterling silver double shank cuff style bracelet with a green malachite Tree of Life centered in the middle. This bracelet is available in a wrist size of 5-1/4" inches from end to end with a 7/8" inch gap. Matching earrings & pendants are available separately. Mainland Silver, 925, Sterling, Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, Navajo, Native American, Indian, Navajo Nation, Bracelet, Tribal, Tribe, Cuff Bracelet, Cuff, Cuffs, Bracelets, Mined Turquoise, Gemstone, Turquoise, Symbols, Zuni, Hopi, Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Family Tree, Tree of Life, Oak Tree, Seeds Arborist, Botanist, Tree, Leaves, Forest, Nature, Fall, Season, Woodland, Wood, Woods, Lumber, Thicket, Timber, Trees, Backwoods, Shelter, Environment, Earth, Mother Earth, Climber, Backpacker, Alpinist, Rock Climber, Walker, conservationist, ecologist