Genuine Natural Turquoise Powder from USA Turquoise Mines


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100% Genuine Natural Turquoise Powder. Powder with granules, No Dye or Color Added.

This turquoise powder is produced by us at Mainland Silver from top quality turquoise stone mined in Various Mines in the USA. We get the highest grade Turquoise from mines such the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine. We crush it down to various gauges for our Jewelry inlay.

Turquoise powder granules has a wide variety of uses such as being perfect for inlay work or filling natural voids found in carving projects. Uses include all types of inlay such as knife handles, antler and bone. It can also be used to enhance a signature on a carving.

Don't diminish a project you have spent time making with lab created and dyed material, use real raw beautiful turquoise gemstones.

We have over 200 pounds which was made over the last 50 years in jewelry making and stored away and forgotten about in the back of our vaults. We can supply any amount needed, and if you are looking to buy in bulk... please message me for a wholesale discount.