Horse Bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, Native American Handmade Jewelry, Rodeo Jewelry, Navajo Bracelet, Cowgirl Bracelet, Cowboy Jewelry


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This is a Navajo handmade piece of jewelry, and it is crafted in Colorado, USA. 925 sterling silver cuff style bracelet with a large horse bust design in the center inlaid with turquoise. The bracelet will fit a size 6-1/4 inch wrist. It measures 5-3/8 inches with a 7/8 inch gap and the central horse design measures 1/2 inch wide by 5/8 inch tall. Equestrian Jewelry, Equestrian Bracelet, Equestrian Gift, Horse Ladies Gift, Horse Cuff Bracelets, Silver Bracelet, Gift For Horse Lover, Western Jewelry, Horse Charm Bracelet, Snaffle Bit Bracelet, Mom Horse Gifts, Horse Bracelet Women, Western Jewelry, Western Bracelet, Rodeo Jewelry, Rodeo Bracelet, Cowboy, Cowgirl Bracelet, Stamped Bracelet, Cowgirl Jewelry, Custom Bracelet, Floral, Embossed, Horse Charm Bracelet, Horseshoe Bracelet, Lucky Horseshoe, Horseshoe Charm, Horse Shoe Bracelet, Gift For Her, Dainty Bracelet, Horseshoe Jewelry, Good Luck Bracelet, Lucky Charm Bracelet, Silver Horseshoe, Silver Bracelet, Equestrian Jewelry, Ranch Brand Jewelry, Western Jewelry, Western Bracelet, Rustic Jewelry, Cowgirl Jewelry, Ranches, Custom Brand Jewelry, Gift For Her, Brand Jewelry, Cow Jewelry, Leather Bracelet, Cattle Jewelry, Western Bracelet, Western Jewelry, Cowboy Boot Bracelet, Gift For Him, Gift For Her, Cowboy Hat Bracelet, Cowgirl Jewelry, Turquoise Bracelet, Handmade Bracelets, Men Bracelet, Cowgirl Gift, Turquoise Bracelet, Navajo Jewelry, Navajo Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Bracelet, Sterling Silver Cuff, Gift For Her, Turquoise Jewelry, Native American Cuff, Vintage Bracelet, Native Bracelet, Western Jewelry, Western Bracelet, Signed Navajo Cuff, Native American, Bracelet For Women, Indian Jewelry, American Indian, Native Bracelet, Native Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry, Hippie Bracelet, Gift For Her, Turquoise Bracelet, Zuni Turquoise Cuff, Zuni Cuff Bracelets, Zuni Inlay Bracelet, Native American Cuff, Zuni Inlay Cuff, Silver Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Inlay Zuni Jewelry, Turquoise Row Cuff, Navajo Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Turquoise