Lone Mountain Turquoise Earrings • Dangle Earrings • 925 Sterling Silver


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Experience the beauty of Native American craftsmanship with these unsigned Sterling Silver Turquoise Post Earrings, originating from Western New Mexico. These earrings boast huge Lone Mountain Turquoise stones, delicately set into a thick and smooth Sterling Silver bezel, creating an eye-catching look. With measurements of 1-3/4 of an inch tall and 1-1/2" wide, with the turquoise stones measuring appropriately 1-3/8" tall by 1-1/8" wide. Embrace the elegance of these handmade earrings, a testament to the rich cultural heritage. They blend the natural beauty of Turquoise with the timeless allure of Sterling Silver, creating a captivating accessory to enhance your style.

  • Handmade Lone Mountain Turquoise Sterling Silver DangleEarrings