Lucy Shekya Zuni Ring • 925 Silver • Native American Handmade • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


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🌟 Embrace the beauty of Native American artistry with the Zuni Handmade Sterling Silver Turquoise ring, skillfully crafted by Lucy Sheyka! This exquisite ring showcases the splendor of 5 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochons, each radiating its unique charm. 💍💙 Designed to perfection, this ring is a size 9.5, ensuring a comfortable fit for its wearer. The ornate band adds an elegant touch, further enhancing the overall allure of the piece. With a width of 1/4 inch, the ring strikes a perfect balance between delicacy and presence, while the stunning turquoise stones cover 1/2 inch of its surface, creating a captivating visual display. By supporting Native American craftsmanship, you not only acquire a timeless piece of jewelry but also become a part of the rich cultural legacy it represents. Lucy Sheyka's meticulous artistry is showcased in every detail of this remarkable ring. Experience exceptional service with Mainland Silver, where we prioritize your satisfaction. We ensure swift shipping within 24 hours on weekdays, directly from the USA, providing you with a seamless shopping experience. Celebrate the beauty of Native American craftsmanship and the allure of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with this remarkable ring by Lucy Sheyka. Embrace the spirit of tradition and elegance! ✨💙 #NativeAmericanArtistry

  • 925 Sterling Silver Ring