Maple Leaf Bracelet • 925 Sterling Silver • Tree Jewelry • Fall Season


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Unique sterling silver cuff style bracelet with six cascading maple leaves.  We are offering this bracelet in all silver without inlay, inlaid with chip Kingman Turquoise, or inlaid with Orange Opal. This bracelet measures approximately 3/8's of an inch tall. This Bracelet is for a Size 6-1/4 Inch Wrist Mainland Silver, 925, Sterling, Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, Navajo, Native American, Indian, Navajo Nation, Bracelet, Tribal, Tribe, Cuff Bracelet, Cuff, Cuffs, Bracelets, Mined Turquoise, Gemstone, Turquoise, Symbols, Zuni, Hopi, Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Maple, Maples, Syrup, Maple Syrup, molasse, glucose, sorghum, sweetness, treacle, pancake syrup, Arborist, Botanist, Tree, Leaves, Forest, Nature, Fall, Season, Woodland, Wood, Woods, Lumber, Thicket, Timber, Trees, Backwoods, Shelter, Environment, Earth, Mother Earth, Climber, Backpacker, Alpinist, Rock Climber, Walker, conservationist, ecologist, pumpkin spice