Navajo End of Trail Ring - Turquoise Inlay - Arrow Border - Handcrafted - Sterling Silver


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Exquisite Navajo Sterling Silver End of Trail Ring. This magnificent piece showcases the iconic scene of a mountain pass, rainstorm, forest teepee, and sunrise inlaid with crushed Kingman Turquoise gemstones, beautifully complemented by the black resin background. The continuous loop of shadowboxed arrows adds an extra touch of symbolism and artistry. With a width of approximately 1/4", this ring is available in all sizes for a perfect fit. Make a bold statement with this stunning ring that pays homage to the spirit of the American West.  James Earle Fraser's iconic sculpture "The End of the Trail" captures the essence of the American West. This masterpiece, located in Waupun, Wisconsin, portrays a weary Native American man and his horse in a pivotal moment. As they come to a sudden halt, the sculpture symbolizes the culmination of their journey, hanging on the edge of an unseen precipice. Fraser's work is widely regarded as a reverent tribute to the resilience and struggles of the Native American people. "The End of the Trail" stands as a testament to Fraser's artistic talent and the enduring legacy of the American West.