Navajo Turquoise Ring • Kingman Turquoise • 925 Silver • Handmade by Jeanette Saunders • Size 10.75


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Celebrate the spirit of the bear with this remarkable 925 sterling silver ring, handmade by Navajo artisan Jeanette Saunders. Featuring a prominent bear's head design, it is beautifully adorned with a turquoise cabochon and a piece of ocean red coral. Weighing 17.3 grams, this substantial ring measures 1 inch tall, tapering back along the sides for a comfortable fit. The signature and 925 stamp on the ring signify its authenticity and quality, adding to its allure. This ring is a size 10.75, further ensuring a perfect fit. Embrace the power and symbolism of the bear, a revered figure in Native American culture, with this exquisite piece of jewelry. The combination of sterling silver, turquoise, and red coral creates a visually striking and meaningful statement. Honor the artistry of Navajo craftsmanship and enhance your style with this extraordinary ring, a testament to the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Southwest.

  • 925 Sterling Silver Ring
  • Size 10.75 Ring
  • Ships within 24 Hours of Purchase Monday through Friday