Polka Dot Bracelet • 925 Silver Cuff • Navajo Inspired • Handmade Native American Jewelry


White Opal & Resin
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This is a Navajo handmade piece of jewelry, and it is crafted in Colorado, USA. Polka-dotted cuff bracelet offered with a turquoise and lapis lazuli inlay or with white opal and black resin. This bracelet measures approximately 5" with an additional 1-1/8" gap and 1/4" at its widest point.    Polka Dot Bracelet, Polka Dot Jewelry, Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Bangle, Vintage Bracelet, Gift For Her, Bridesmaid Bracelet, Tiny Dot Bracelet, Cuff Bracelet, Handmade Bracelet, Silver Dot Bracelet, Bridal Bracelet, Celestial Bracelet, Moon Phase Bracelet, Silver Moon Bracelet, Full Moon, Birthday Gift, Minimalist Bracelet, Galaxy Bracelet, Friendship Bracelet, Mothers Day Gift, Sun Moon Bracelet, Moon Phase Jewelry, Sun Bracelet, Sunshine Bracelet, Sunburst Bracelet, Best Friend Gift, Silver Sun Bracelet, Sun Jewelry, Celestial Jewelry, Bracelet For Women, Christmas Gift, Beaded Bracelet, Circle Bracelet, Eternity Bracelet, Karma Bracelet, Sterling Silver, Gift For Mom, Bridesmaid Gift, Silver Bracelet, Open Circle Bracelet, Galaxy Bracelet, Universe Bracelet, Solar System Jewelry, Planetary Bracelet, Planet Mars Bracelet, Bracelet For Women, Healing Planet Stone, Astronomy Bracelet, The Eight Planets, Bracelet For Men, Gift For Her, 9 Planets Bracelet, Turquoise Bracelet, Navajo Jewelry, Navajo Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Bracelet, Sterling Silver Cuff, Gift For Her, Turquoise Jewelry, Native American Cuff, Vintage Bracelet, Native Bracelet, Western Jewelry, Western Bracelet, Signed Navajo Cuff, Native American, Bracelet For Women, Indian Jewelry, American Indian, Native Bracelet, Native Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry, Hippie Bracelet, Gift For Her, Turquoise Bracelet, Zuni Turquoise Cuff, Zuni Cuff Bracelets, Zuni Inlay Bracelet, Native American Cuff, Zuni Inlay Cuff, Silver Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Inlay Zuni Jewelry, Turquoise Row Cuff, Navajo Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Turquoise, Gifts For Him, Bracelet For Men, Men Bracelets, Couples Bracelet, Men’s Jewelry, Gift For Dad, Matching Bracelets, Gift For Boyfriend, Boyfriend Bracelet, Bracelet For Him, Waterproof Bracelet, Gifts For Her, Personalized Jewelry, Personalized Gifts, Bracelet For Women, Best Friend Gift, Friendship Bracelet, Mother’s Day Gift, Birthday Gift, Handmade Jewelry, Charm Bracelet, Bridesmaid Gifts, Birthstone Bracelets, Engraved Bracelet, Opal Bracelet, Gift For Her, Fire Opal Bracelet, October Birthstone, Gemstone Bracelet, Opal Bracelets, Handmade Jewelry, Bracelet For Women, Natural Fire Opal, Handmade Bracelet, Natural Gemstone, Silver Opal Bracelet