Size 6-3/4 Wrist - 925 Sterling Silver Turquoise thunderbird Cuff Bracelet, Simple native american southwestern Design, Handcrafted Silver Jewelry, Handmade Sky Bangle Bracelet


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925 sterling silver cuff style bracelet with a thunderbird inlaid with turquoise in the center. The bracelet will fit a size 6-3/4 inch wrist. It measures 5-1/2 inches with a 1-1/4 inch gap and the thunderbird measures 1/2 of an inch tall and 9/16ths of an inch wide. The Thunderbird is the symbol of thunder, lightning, and storms which are created when the Thunderbird flies. The Thunderbird is depicted as a large raptor-like bird usually with curling horns, long legs, a long beak, and a featherless head. Sheet lightning is believed to flash from its eyes when it blinks, and individual lightning bolts are made by the glowing snakes or serpents that follow it.

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