Southwestern Sterling Silver & Sugalite Chipe Cowboy Boot Pendant


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Beautiful Sterling Silver Southwestern style Cowboy Boot & Spur.  This pendant measures 5/8" tall not including the bale and 3/4" wide including the spur.

Laced with Manganese, it often displays a variety of black, brown and blue lines and patches creating a unique mottled effect.It is an unusual deep purple stone from Southern Africa. Sometimes referred to as "Purple Turquoise" Sugilite is a rare gem type named for Ken-ichi Sugi, the Japanese geologist who discovered it in 1944. Metaphysically, Sugilite is said to emanate a protective energy, especially for gentle people and children who don't easily screen out the negativity of others. It is especially helpful to those who feel themselves to be gentle spirits who are shocked by the harshness of human interaction here on earth. For them Sugilite may provide a nurturing vibration which allows for the screening out of hostility, anger and fear.