Sterling Silver Latching Conical Container With Claddaghs and Triquetras


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Embrace timeless Celtic symbolism and elegant design with our Sterling Silver Latching Conical Container adorned with Claddaghs and Triquetras. Meticulously crafted from high-quality Sterling Silver, this container stands at a height of 29 mm (1.10 inches), making it a captivating and meaningful accessory. The Claddagh, symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship, intertwines with the Triquetra, representing the trinity of mind, body, and spirit. Together, they create a harmonious and spiritual design that adds depth to this exquisite container. With dimensions of 14 mm in width (.55 inches), this conical container is both elegant and practical. It's perfect for storing small keepsakes, special notes, or any treasures close to your heart. The secure latching mechanism ensures your precious contents remain safe and protected. Whether you have Celtic roots or simply appreciate symbolic jewelry, this Sterling Silver Latching Conical Container With Claddaghs and Triquetras is a meaningful choice. Carry the essence of love, loyalty, and spirituality wherever you go.

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