Sterling Silver wrap style slightly adjustable arrow ring sizes 5-10


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Face Height: 12 mm (0.47 inch)\nTraditionally considered a Native American symbol, the arrow can hold a wide array of meanings. These meanings can also vary from tribe to tribe. Native Americans are known for using signs and symbols as a way to communicate their history, ideas and dreams. The arrow was a weapon in their culture, it was used to hunt and provide for their families as well as offer protection, and because of this it was a tool for sustaining life.\nOne of the biggest factors in altering the meaning, is the way the arrow is depicted or placed in the tattoo design. For example:\nA solitary arrow represents defense and protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol of movement or direction.\nTwo arrows pointing away from each other commonly stand for war.\nA broken arrow image is one that depicts peace or the burying of the hatchet.\nTwo arrows crossed is a symbol of friendship\nA bundle of five arrows typically designates strength, as a single arrow can be easily broken, but a bundle of arrows is tougher to break.\nAn arrow through a diamond symbol can represent courage as one moves forward.\nFor anyone searching to depict a positive outlook on life, an arrow tattoo can be a great place to start. An arrow being pulled back on the bow can depict life dragging someone down, whereas the arrow being released propels them straight ahead into something new and positive. With that being said, an arrow can only shoot forward by being pulled back, so only by going through dark times can you push yourself to better ones.\nThe arrow is also thought to stand for; love- as with Cupid’s bow and arrow, hunting, swiftness, power, flight, penetration and direction. It can also be seen as a phallic symbol of masculinity.  An arrow shown with a bow can also symbolize the zodiac sign Sagittarius.\n