Zuni Fetish • Handcarved Raven Fetish • Trickster Fetish • Prankster


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Discover the captivating artistry of Zuni culture with this hand-carved raven fetish, expertly crafted by the talented artist Cal Bowanie of the Zuni tribe. This raven is carved from black onyx and has turquoise eyes, he is also holding a red coral berry in his mouth. The raven is not a traditional fetish but he is carved often, and beautifully, by a number of artists. While considered somewhat of a prankster, he doesn't have the negative characteristics associated with the coyote. The raven can help us work through failure and short-comings by reminding us that anything we have the courage to face, we have the power to transform. Measuring 1-3/4 inches tall and 1 inch at the widest point, this raven fetish is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship of Zuni artists. Embrace the cultural heritage and artistic excellence embodied in this exceptional piece, destined to be cherished in your collection.

  • Zuni Raven Fetish, Turquoise, Coral, Jet